alexandra plakias thinking/writing/eating 

I am Associate Professor of Philosophy at Hamilton College, where I've taught since 2014. Before that, I did my MA at UC Santa Cruz (Banana Slugs!), my PhD at the University of Michigan, and a postdoc at the Northern Institute of Philosophy as part of Crispin Wright's Relativism and Rational Tolerance project. I grew up in New York City.

(a lot of parmigiano reggiano, Modena, Italy)

I've worked on issues in metaethics (moral disagreement, moral objectivity, evolutionary debunking), moral psychology (disgust), and social epistemology (what are the epistemic norms governing publishing?).  I've also written on philosophy of food (see my book below, and my Philosophy Compass article on the aesthetics of food) and most recently, awkwardness (in my forthcoming book, called... awkwardness). 

Currently, I'm thinking a lot about the role of technology in the food industry, and how that intersects with issues in the epistemology of food. I'm also continuing to work on the norms around publishing work you don't believe.

Thinking Through Food includes chapters on the metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics, and ethics of food. You can find out more & read a sample here.

Awkwardness investigates the psychology and social implications of a familiar phenomenon.  It discusses everything from the nature of awkwardness and how it's different from embarrassment and shame, to the ways awkwardness is used to leverage power and silence others. Out March 2024 from Oxford University Press-- preorder here!